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Viridius Lex

What distinguishes Viridius Lex from the rest ? Our clients fare better with us!

We don't dabble. We have built up expertise in the services we provide. We pride ourselves in being more competent, better informed about developments in law, and better able to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.

We pay attention. Our office is detail-orientated and our lawyers personally follow each matter every step of the way and are readily available to our clients. 

No unexpected surprises. We are transparent about our fees and the costs incurred on behalf of our clients, resulting in a better customer experience.



We have an experienced and approachable team that is happy to assist you!

While our lawyers have branched out into other areas of law years ago, their shared background in public interest law continues to inform their practice and their ambition to have a positive impact on their communities.

Rizwan Khan


Burgandy Dunn


Sandra Choi


For questions about our services or general inquiries please contact us at:

Alex Nicklisch


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